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Welcome Impulse!
(Mandatory Check-In List)

Provided here is your mandatory to review check-in list. It is further expedient to review as to ensure appropriate procedures are upheld admits your stay. We desire you to have the utmost excellency and comfort while staying with us!

Impulse Beach Estate Check-in List

House Information and Guide for Guests


Welcome to Impulse! It’s a pleasure to host you at our Home, Where Space is Luxury.

Thank you for choosing to stay with us; you’re going to love it here!

Impulse is a Six Bedroom Home with two additional comfortable private annex accommodations: The Cabana Suite located pool side and a detached one bedroom home the Mermaid Cottage for a total of eight bedrooms.

The Contracted Guest is Responsible for the Liability Waiver/Deposit; we urge that person to relay to all other guests to adhere to our rules.

Early Arrivals and Late Departures: (Check in: 4:00PM Check out: 10:00AM)

Leave luggage outside on the terrace. There is a bathroom/shower changing room located

downstairs under the pool deck. Additionally, and preferably for early arrivals the beach level

area underneath the house is available for guests to use. Another bathroom/shower and

changing area is available there.

First Floor/Bedrooms

Our two largest beach front king suites are the Admirals Suite and Driftwood Suite. There are

two poolside king suites, the Imperial Suite and Vegas Suite. There are a total of six bedrooms

in the main house. The two middle bedrooms are bunk rooms, each with two queen size beds

and two twins. Three on the left side of the entrance and three on the right side of the entrance

divided by the main entry hall.

All rooms in the main house have showers and jacuzzi tubs. CAUTION: Fill jacuzzis with water over the jets before turning on in order to avoid flooding!

There are Hurricane Shutters are available in every room

Two Motorized Bed Remote Controls for each bed

Safety Box & Key - placed in the closet of every bedroom ($100.00 lost key fee)

TV remote control, cable box remote control and a remote control for the sound bar

AC remotes placed on wall (recommended to be set at 23° degrees on the SNOW FLAKE)

Close Louvers (Plantation Shutters) UP versus down for maximum privacy

Use wipes for makeup rather than face towels

WIFI password is : weallloveimpulse ( we all love impulse - all lower case)

Alarm Instructions: press Exit to leave - upon entrance “2018”

Always keep the codes including gate code private do not give out codes to anyone

Impulse Driveway Gate Entry Code 2025#

Front door/ side gate/ trash gate entry code C2468

Second Floor/Open Space (Upside Down Design)

Safety gates for children are available at top of stairs both inside and outside

No wet clothes on leather sofas

Be cautious of sun tan lotion on all furniture and golf buggy seatsThree Central AC thermostats are located in the Conservatory, Bar and Side Entry Hall

Recommended setting 75° degrees daytime and 78° bedtime)

Please remember to turn up the temperature at bedtime or when away to avoid going o v e r your AC allowance


Sonos music speakers system

808 portable bluetooth system

Handle our Piano with care. Please do not use instruments unless you are a professional

Close West Louvers in the afternoon to protect the piano from sun and to keep house cooler

Glass ping pong table (no hot items on or anything on glass)

Foos Ball

Dart Board

Two bathrooms are available behind the bar: male and female

Switch for blue ceiling lights - left at the back of the bar behind the stingrays ornament

Switch for blue bar top light on the column at the bar


Buy what you drink and Replace What You Consume, to preserve the amenity for future guests

Custom made Blue Light Glass Bar Top (no hot items on bar top)

Glasses washer machine ready with built in detergent and sanitizer

Lights: many have dimmer switches throughout the property

Kitchen Camera Screen PC (outdoors only) do use the computer for personal use


Please open all cupboards and drawers so that you can familiarize yourself and see what all is

available where

Professional Volcan gas hob with 2 ovens

2 Bosch Dishwashers

2 Gaggenau Electric Ovens

2 Warming Drawers

2 Microwaves (900 Watts)

3 Sinks

Please do not use metal on teflon pots and pans

Please note Kitchen must be left clean on the departure day or $250.00 from deposit

NEVER pour grease down the sinks. Use the black container and maids will empty


Ice Machine: bagged ice is located in the freezer

If more ice is needed Please ask James (caretaker 1-649-343-0951) to turn on the ice machine

special water switch is located outside

Upright freezer located next to the ice machine

Spare gas tanks for the BBQ’s next to ice machine

Washer, dryer

Ultra quick commercial dishwasher with built in detergent and sanitizerAdditional Industrial Sink (please do not put junk or grease down any of the sinks)

Two Extra glass refrigerators

Extra dishes and plastic glasses for pool and beach


6 Black Recliner chairs DO NOT MOVE - you can damage and tear the electrical cables under

the chairs that are connected one to another

Samsung remote control for TV

Cable TV remote - point at small cable box on buffet (if box freezes, unplug and replug to reset)

Bose Sound Bar remote - make sure the blue box just below the power button is illuminated

To stream Netflix simply use smart TV functions


Pool - Mermaid Fountain switch - down on the left side by the pool shower

There’s a shower by the pool and a beach shower located under the stairs

A hose and foot dunk are located just outside of covered area close to beach

Sky Lounge - Roof Top deck with fire-pit (there’s a safety gate at top of stairs)

Tennis Court - with lights for playing in the evening (switch for lights at entrance to court)

Adjustable Basket Ball Hoop

Sauna - It is an electrical sauna - do not splash water on heater

Please ask James (the grounds keeper) to assist with turning on

Spa/Gym - leave AC on 25° dehumidifier and door is to remain locked when not in use (key

lives in dish at front door) no children are allowed without an adult and please no sandy feet!

Mask and snorkels available (rinse with fresh water after use)

Kayaks, paddle boards

Plenty of miscellaneous toddlers beach toys - including life vests for adults and children

Beach chairs and umbrellas (Grounds keeper will assist with placing on beach)

Nothing should be left on the beach overnight (do not bring valuables to the beach)

Shuffle Board

Ping pong tables

Foos ball games

Bicycles (lock = 2017) kept in garage

Golf Buggy should never be left in the rain (remember to charge throughout the week)

Golf buggy only for use on Coconut Road, park at bridge for SharkBite and Baci, not to be

taken on the Lower Bite Road or to the Marina

Trash Area: Receptacles located near the Mermaid Cottage (Fill the red cans first)

Housekeeping - Monday through Friday 10:00AM to 2:00PM (smaller groups might prefer

cleaning a Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday OptionLiability Waiver Reminder

We here at Impulse have a special designed list of approved vendors

Please respect this rule it has been implemented for our mutual benefit, satisfaction, and

safety. (Failure to Comply will result in the complete loss of security deposit, no exceptions!)

Air Conditioning consumption: $500.00 *Credit Allowance

All AC units are metered separately from the other electric consumption.

Upstairs Central AC - set to 75° daytime and 78° at bedtime (to avoid going over allowance)

Bedroom mini-splits - set to 23° daytime and 21° at bedtime

The AC submeters are located as follows:

Upstairs: in the Pantry

Downstairs: under the stairs

Cabana Suite: outside next to the AC compressor

Mermaid Cottage - ask James

*Guests are required to send a photo of each AC meter prior to Sunday or accept the pictures taken at checkin by housekeeping

Grounds Keeper



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